About Cytoart

Who We Are

 Founded in 2018, Cytoart is a biotechnology company aimed at improving the development, quality control and clinical monitoring of CAR T-cell therapies. By offering our comprehensive service platform, we are a leading provider of companion diagnostics for CAR T-cell therapies. We offer accurate and convenient detection products along with technical services and robust global shipping to help our clients ensure the efficacy of their CAR-T therapies.         

At Cytoart, we are committed to providing innovative technology. Our CAR T-cell detection products have the highest sensitivity for CAR T-cell detection in the market, offering a limit of detection of 0.001% (detecting 1 anti-CD19 CAR-T cell in 100,000 T cell population). Along with better specificity and accuracy towards CAR T-cells, our products offer the best diagnostic solutions for CAR-T therapies.

Our products are being used in Pharmaceutical R&D, QA and QC. In clinical studies and by CRO and ICL. 

Thank you for choosing Cytoart as your partner in advancing the field of CAR-T therapy. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.