Application of R19M

R19M: A Novel Tool with Higher Specificity and Sensitivity

R19M(patent pending)is a high affinity rabbit monoclonal
antibody specifically binding to the anti-CD19 scFv that was derived from the FMC63. Its robust specificity and sensitivity allows this antibody a perfect tool for flow cytometry and other immunostaining applications.

The Strength of R19M

Unique specificity: R19M specifically binds to FMC63 at 0.002 μg/mL, which is 1000 times more sensitive than mAb 136.20.1.

Outstanding accuracy: Clear clustering of CAR-positive T cells and negative T cells is a prerequisite for accurate detection. R19M clearly defines the anti-CD19 CAR-positive cell population with high affinity, meeting drug quality control and clinical sample testing requirements.

Limit of detection 0.001%: Patients treated with CAR-T cells need to monitor the survival of CAR-T cells in vivo to determine the efficacy and risk of recurrence. After several months of treatment, the proportion of anti-CD19 CAR-T cells in circulation of patients is mostly below 1%. The sensitivity of detection not only affects the quality of the clinical data, but also affects the feasibility of clinical monitoring. R19M, as a powerful tool for anti-CD19 CAR-T clinical follow-up, pushed the limit of detection to 1: 100,000 (detecting 1 anti-CD19 CAR-T cell in 100,000 T cells)

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