CAR-T therapy has been hailed as a revolutionary treatment option in the field of cancer immunotherapy. This therapy involves the engineering of a patient’s T cells, which are then infused back into the patient’s body to target and destroy cancer cells. Because this treatment uses the patient’s own cells, it is often referred to as a “living drug”.

There is a pressing need to develop highly reliable approaches that can accurately monitor the kinetics and elucidate the mechanistic properties of CAR-T therapy and other similar “living drugs.”

This is a critical step in the optimization and regulation of these treatments, as it enables researchers to fully understand their behavior and efficacy. Furthermore, the development of such approaches would also facilitate the early detection and management of potential adverse effects, allowing for prompt intervention and minimizing the risk to patients,

As the first commercially available provider of CAR antibodies, we take pride in granting access to most of the currently FDA-approved CAR-T therapies. Our cutting-edge CAR-Drive platform offers accurate and convenient detection products and technical solutions tailored to CAR-T therapy development, quality control, and clinical monitoring. “