Our Science

Background of CAR Expression Detection

Evaluating CAR expression is an essential step in production of
CAR-T cells. This is often done by flow cytometry by using protein
L, anti-Fab antibody, target antigen or anti-idiotype antibody (anti-ID Ab) Among these common choices, anti-ID Ab is widely considered to be the best, because it offers high specificity and minimal background staining. An anti-ID Ab, mouse mab 136.20.1 (B Jena, et al., PLoS One, 2013), has been used in anti-CD19 CAR detection extensively by most top labs and in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Cytoart's Unique CAR-driven antibody platform

Cytoart’s antibody development platform focuses on targeting the scFV region on CAR-T cells. scFV target detection is a valuable tool Cytoart implements in the development of antibodies for CAR T-cell detection reagents. Using scFV for target detection for CAR T-cell therapy offers several benefits:

  1. High Specificity: Our ScFV-based antibodies are engineered to target the specific antigen, ensuring correct target binding and reducing off-target complications.
  2. Sensitivity: scFV target detection is highly sensitive, allowing for the detection of low levels of CAR T-cells in samples.
  3. Real-time Monitoring: ScFV target detection enables real-time monitoring of CAR T-cell activity and distribution in sample.
  4. Versatility: ScFV target detection can be applied to various types of studies involving CAR T-cells.

Cytoart's Product Advantage


Highest Accuracy to clearly define positive and negative CAR-T cell subpopulation.


Highest Sensitivity in the market. Up to 1:100,000


Best in market specificity for CAR signaling. 


Excellent stability for minimal batch-to-batch variation.