Application of R19M

R19M: A Novel Tool with

Higher Specificity and Sensitivity

R19M(patent pending)is a high affinity rabbit monoclonalantibody specifically binding to the anti-CD19 scFv that was derived from the FMC63. Its robust specificity and sensitivity allows this antibody a perfect tool for flow cytometry and other immunostaining applications.

The surface CAR was clearly stained (red fluorescence represents the localization of anti-CD19 CAR on the cell membrane, blue fluorescence represents the nucleus) by R19M (left panel) as compared with antigen CD19/ Fc (right panel).



R19M 136.20.1
Binding Saturated 0.25 μg/mL 4 μg/mL

Current Detection Reagents

(Bioswan Lab)
(other vendors)
Character Anti-ID Ab,
Anti-ID Ab,
KD (nM) 0.043 NA 2.95
Limit of Deterction 0.001% 0.1% 0.5%
Stability (4 C) 12 months NA 1 month
Clinical Monitoring Long term
(>4 years)
Long term
(>4 years)
Short term
(<3 years)
ADA/Nab Study Yes Yes No

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